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Special PRODUCTS (Lockdown inspired)

These products might help you during this time

007 DONATION - R 10 FROM you TO feed the hungry

We have become all to aware of those in desperate need around us. Please consider donating R 10 and ..

02. Lausanne 100% Juice - 1L Bottle - VARIETY OF FLAVOURS AVAILABLE
03. First Choice Salted Butter 500 g
1. Hand Sanitizer (60 % alcohol content)

We have managed to source limited stock of hand sanitizer and have bottled it into 1 liter bottles...

5. Pizza base Margarita 30 cm

Pasticcio Bakery at its best!Add your own toppings - meal sorted!..

8. 170 g Benny's Pies VARIETY AVAILABLE

Baking InstructionsFrom Frozen -Preheat oven to 160°C-Remove Pie from packaging and place on baking ..

Babycake Chocolate bars 85-95 g (BUY any TWO and get a mini FREE!!)

The Azteca (Chilli dark chocolate and cinnamon cookies, in dark chocolate)The Midnight Feast (S..

Barista Blend 1 LT Carton
Bean There Fair Trade COFFEE 250 g

The distance we’re prepared to go to sourcethe earth’s best coffee knows no bounds.Because in seekin..

Boerenkaas 130 g (9 month mature firm gouda type cheese)

We have partnered with a local lady to bring you this awesome cheese!9 month mature firm gouda type ..

BREAD white loaf ( +- 600 g)

Doorstep Dairyman has partnered with Ho-Lee Cow to bring you FRESH bread fr..

BREAD Whole Wheat Loaf (+- 600 g)

Doorstep Dairyman has partnered with Ho-Lee Cow to bring you FRESH bread from Express..

Brownies chocolate 1 X large (packaged)

Andrea from RED KITCHEN makes these awesome chocolate brownies!Store in freezer or eat straight away..

Camembert 125 g

You're welcome ;)..

Damn Fine Coffee 250 g AND 1 KG

250 g CoffeeFilterBeansEspressoPlunger1kg - Bag of coffee Beans..

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